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Why is it that Kerala lacks behind in the industrial field ?

Is it because of lack of Capital resources ?

Skilled labour ? Infrastructure ? Or a negative mind set ? or a combination of all of these ?




In my view the first and foremost change required is in the mind set.

In spite of all efforts, we have not been able to convince the general public that industrialisation is a desirable goal, the benefits of which will flow over to all sections of the society.

Time and again we have witnessed many a project being shelved or unable to take off because of frivolous objections from a section of the home crowd. Most often the objection raised are trivial and capable of a quick solution.

The important thing is, “Educate them and take them along with us”.




The next important factor to be tackled is Infrastructure development. We have the recent example of the National Highway widening, which could not take up as envisaged and we had to settle for a narrow version of 45m because of the objections from a section of the public.

These objections could have been avoided by a two pronged approach of creating a positive attitude in the minds of the people and simultaneously offering an attractive package for the affected people. Thus a win‐win situation could have been created.




Very often a question is posed to me as to how our group could survive in a so called hostile state like Kerala and reach the position it presently occupies.

I would like to share with you some of my experiences and the management principles followed by us.

As in the case of conventional SMEswe were managing the units all by ourselves with no role for our staff and workers in the decision making process.

In other words their roles were confined to merely executing our decisions.

This could be compared to the conventional locomotive where one engine pulls up all other bogies.