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Description Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Marks out of 30 70 Wtg(%) 30 70 Due date 22 August 2011 24 October 2011

The assessment for this course will comprise two assignments, both of which are to be completed on an individual basis. Assignment 1 is worth 30% of the overall mark, and Assignment two is worth the remaining 70% of the marks. There is no examination for this course. You are required to obtain 50% overall in order to pass this course. The assessments in this course will not be able to be completed during the last weekend before their due date. They represent a considerable amount of work, with Assignment two necessitating detailed and meticulous analysis, and the integration of a variety of facts and figures. It is essential that you work on both these assignments every single week of the semester. If you follow this approach you will have far less stress and a higher mark, as well as get greater benefit and enjoyment from the course. Please note the following very important points for correctly formatting your assignments: 1. They must be in Microsoft Word format, times new roman font, size 12, one-and-a-half line spacing (except for the executive summary, where the line spacing is single spaced). a. What is excluded from the word count: b. Title page c. Executive summary d. Table of contents e. Appendices f. List of references g. Anything else specified as being excluded (eg quotations) in Summers and Smith (2010) (see below) 2. Table of contents (TOC) is to be generated automatically from Word – two marks will be deducted from the overall total if you have not done this.

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MKT3006 – Small and medium enterprise development (SMED)

3. READ THIS WARNING VERY CAREFULLY You must reference any idea, definition or other work which has been sourced from a text book, web site, journal or any other source. Failure to do so will incur an allegation of plagiarism,...