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Week 2 assignment

The content of my pages purpose is to promote an up and coming MMA fighter, so he will have a better chance to generate an audience that will follow him throughout his fighting career. By creating a page for the fighter it will also allow his fans to see, and follow his story about fighting to the top to become a UFC fighter, while being able to see his credentials and his abilities, all at the same time. The site will also include a page where fans can ask questions, and communicate with others. Hopefully by creating this page the fighter will be able to receive the recognition he deserves, and will be able to land a sponsor to promote his fights.

The pages on the site will include the following by using the web structure, and will be using the following file names:

1.) DMills.mainpage.htm

2.) DMills.tableofcontents.htm

3.) DMills.storyofthen.htm

4.) DMills.storyofthefuture.htm

5.) DMills.recordsandstats.htm

6.) DMills.videosandpics.htm

7.) DMills.questionsandanswers.htm

The first page which is DMills.mainpage.htm will include a picture of him with his fighting record to the side, and will have a spot to click to get to his story of then, and a spot to click to get to the table of contents where the user can choose to go to any of the pages within the site they would like to visit.

The second page DMills.tableofcontents.htm will include the table of contents. This will allow the user to go straight to any of the pages within the site which they choose. This allows the user to know exactly where they are going, and what to expect.

The third page DMills.storyofthen.htm will include a story of the fighters past, and what it took him to get where he is today. This allows the viewer to see the fighter as a real person, and gets them to relate to him. By including his story he may be able to inspire someone else to be an do better for themselves, and to help them realize that you can do or be whatever you want in life....