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Global competitiveness of Indian industry


Global competitiveness of Indian industry 1

Introduction :- 1

Systemic Process of Innovation :- 1

Innovative strategy for Indian Business for the future :- 2

Quality :- 2

Innovation :- 2

Customer - Commitment :- 3

Change acceptance :- 3

Globalization :- 3

Marketing Innovation :- 3

Global competitiveness of Pharmaceutical Industry: 4

Introduction 4

Evolution of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 5

The Stages of Growth 5

Innovation 10

New Global Strategies of the Indian Pharmaceutical Enterprises 13

Contract Manufacturing and Strategic Alliances 13

Conclusions: 16


Time and again, corporate, big and Small, have been perplexed by the very definition of innovation, and there is no dearth of business gurus. Corporate honchos, scholars speaking on this subject of importance. Rather than offering yet another definition to this already confused space, I would try to substantiate with success stories from innovation leader. Let me start with the latest red hot offering by Microsoft Inc windows XP Media center PCTM. This is what I would truly call can innovation, but would you call box from the same company an innovation? May be not workman TM from Sony inc. Was an innovation at that point in time from Apple inc today's innovation, but would the hundreds  of   " me-too " products that come a these years n between , quality for innovation ? May be not so what is / are the lament(s) in a product or process or strategy, that makes a few truly innovative and others "me -too"

Systemic Process of Innovation :-

The name of game is to convert concept in to reality it is not creativity it's not event immolation, but it is the rare ability to make a product see the light of the day and eventually make success out of it. The process discussed is generic one exact steps may vary from company to company depending upon the product life-cycle, market trends, skill-sets availability...