Road Accidents

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Road accidences are one of the major causes of death in the UK. In 2005, substantial number of 3,201 fatalities was recorded on Britain’s roads, which then fell in 2006 to 3,172. The total casualties figure in 2005 was 271,017. This was massively reduced by the end of 2006 making the number 258,404.

To reduce any casualties in the road accidences, a number of “car safety” tips, that a driver could follow, exists. To summarise (why would you have a summary in your 2nd paragraph? Is it not more systematic to at least mention a few of these “car safety” tips before summarising them? The reader doesn’t know what you are summarising) them all they would say that yours and your passengers’ safety depends on the condition of your vehicle. Also, drivers and passengers are required to follow safety precautions to reduce personal risk: use safety equipment, including safety belts and speedometer.

First of all I should (you can’t tell the reader what ‘you should’ do, instead, indicate what it is you are going to do e.g. this essay will now discuss the …) discuss advantages and disadvantages of internal car safety, such as seat belts and airbags. The First automobile was invented in the nineteenth century, and progressing in to the 50s and 60s seat belts become (became) a necessary safety feature along with airbags that were first introduced in 70s.

Seat belts are made from the material, which is durable and at the same time allows energy from a sudden collision to spread, softening the effect of impact. With seat belts, deaths from a/the body being thrown (ejected) from the seat are very easily preventable. However, seatbelts have a serious disadvantage: very often they contribute to injuries that occur in accidents. This is called the “seatbelt syndrome”: because of the position of the seatbelt that goes from the shoulder to the abdominal area holding the torso of a person, however under a great impact head would be freely moving forward whilst the...