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In a great many days ago ,I feel there is a terrible thing ,my huaband is cheating on me!

I feel my life is becaming hopelessness

He may have a new girlfriend in his company ,they are co-worker .i no see her ,but i think she is young and beautiful than me

Now he goes home less and less. there only me in deep night ,i feel very loneliness! we have no baby .i want to have a baby but he doesn't

he must have new sweetheart

what Could I do ?i try many way to search the cheating evidence,but there is no effect. but you know ,i hope not only see evidence and see him love me as usual

Tommy tell me ,(he is my best friend) I must not give up my family

he find a good way to search the evidence on line he let me try it .but I am utterly fatigued both mentally and physically

I'm afraid this way, no matter use and at the same time, he found me spy him. he will leave me always !!!

And sisters, if your husband often go home late, and have a very bad excuse, you must have to remain vigilant

what can i do now ,and i love him as usual


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