Cowgirl Chocolates

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Cowgirl Chocolates

Cost-based pricing: This procedure, on the part of Cowgirl Chocolates could be utilized for pricing through lowering the cost of packaging and advertising as well. The Cowgirl Chocolate has already created a website ( that could process the advertising target of the organization. The owners just need to increase the advertising influence of the website through linking their site to other search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. This process would be much cheaper than investing in a magazine based marketing that costs so much for one whole page of commercial. Unlike magazines, the customers reached by the internet are indeed unnumbered while magazines reach only a few readers. In terms of packaging, the artistry and creativity of the packs need not be hurt; just the process of making them through looking for less-costing suppliers of materials could be taken into consideration by the entrepreneurs of the business.

Demand-based pricing: “Who eats the products? Even though the company is focused on promoting spicy chocolates, it should always create an alternative to cater to the needs of those who might not like the said type of product” ( It should be accepted that not everyone wants a chocolate product that has a bit of a kick of spiciness. However, the business could well expand their market influence to creating a variety of products that are to suit everyone’s taste. Although their specialty is still on the top of the list, it is suggested that the new products such as sweet chocolates be used to allure customers to buy their chocolates and their specialty products as well. Through this, the prices could vary among the specialties and the new products. With the variety of product’s prices, the customers could have better choices. If the products are in demand, the price of the items could be safe in terms of increase. However, if the demand for the product is low, it is not that...