To Drill or Not to Drill? Hum/111

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Week 2

President Barack Obama pushing to free America from the dependency on foreign oil is a plan that will take time to implement but will be worth the time taken. By cutting the ties that America has with other countries to rely on oil we will essentially break the dependency that we have on foreign oil. With the idea of producing new technologies to convert more to solar power and clean coal can create more jobs within the United States. Also by integrating these green jobs in the United States we can further cut the amount of pollutants and economical disasters from occurring such as oil spills off of our countries coast.

It is estimated that we are sending approximately $700 million a day to other countries just for oil (Klein, 2010). This is money that can stay in American and alleviated some of the high gas prices that we are becoming accustomed to paying. By putting money back in our own communities can increase our economic status and increase consumer spending with the relief felt at the gas pumps. There is no reason to feel the pressure of being dependent upon countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq (Klein, 2010) when we can rely on Americans to further our green technologies that can free us from the dependency we have on oil in general.

In recent years and in the present years we have experienced high rates of unemployment. Creating new jobs within the United States to focus on green technologies can open up a multitude of job opportunities for the rising unemployed community. There is no reason for our government to continue to keep sending money overseas that we could use here in the United States to keep our economy on the up and up.

Though we can always tap into our own resources here for oil in the Gulf Coast and in Alaska, we have to consider the catastrophes that we could cause to the environment. With the devastating effects that were felt from the 2010 BP oils spill off the Gulf coast we can see the results from what...