Restaurant Management

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The increase of restaurants in today’s society has good management in high demand. Restaurant management is a field that can be extremely rewarding if the proper variables are taken into place. Management must have a target market, take into consideration competition, and maintain solid sales strategies, as well as exceptional organization. Delivering a solid marketing plan is the first step to running a successful and thriving business. Management must excel in leadership skills, and be able to develop a strong staff of employees.

Running a restaurant can be one of the most stressful jobs as well as one of the most fun and rewarding jobs. Targeting a specific market is one of the first steps in managing a restaurant. We do this to determine a number of things, from who we want to dine in our facility to décor, menu options, location, hours of operations, etc. Once deciding on a target market everything will fall into place in sort of a ‘domino effect’. For instance; (fine dining) target market might be established adults, married couples, corporate men and women, or a more mature/conservative crowd. Basically people who want to have a nice sit down dinner, possibly for a special occasion, business meetings, and date nights. A fine dining cliental may indicate price may not be a concern, therefore; a higher quality of food and service is expected. In this case, restaurant staff would wear possibly a jacket and tie, or strictly enforced uniform. Location would be desired in an “upper class” neighborhood or city. Décor would be more upscale, maybe modern with themed twist, such as; Retro, Tuscan, metropolitan, etc. In a different scenario, a younger crowd might be a desired market. This could include fast food, buffet, casual dining, or a family style type of restaurant. With younger customer’s price ranges are typically lower in cost of food. Menu items are simple, cheaper to purchase, and easy to prepare. Locations can are a more diverse in this case for...