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Global Warming in today’s World 2

Global Warming in today’s World

In today’s world people have began to notice a significant change in the way the earth is functioning. There are various signs that something is wrong such as the weather. In the beginning nobody knew what to blame it on but now we see the cause is global warming. Global warming is the increasing of the average temperature of the globe, as the earth continues to get hotter and hotter the chance of a natural disaster is more prominent. Our job residing on earth is to take care of our home. The main cause of global warming is greenhouse gases emitted by humans and scientists still aren’t sure if that is truly the cause because of the enormity of what has been occurring. A group of scientists discovered that there are several greenhouse gases that are capable and most likely responsible for the rapid heating of the earth, humans are the ones who bring these gases about in various ways. Most of the gases come from things that we use the most such as our cars, factories and our electricity production. The gas coming from these things is carbon dioxide another gas that is detrimental to the earth is methane that comes from animals. All these different gases contribute to the way and how fast the earth is warming. They have already caused various different outcomes such as the Polar Regions melting which is raising the water and rapidly shrinking some of our countries in the world.

Global Warming in today’s World 3

Global warming has a huge impact on the future because it is going to alter the way we live and change various things that are important and needed to survive. All of the causes of global warming are leading to awful effects that are ruining the earth. There are many things that we all can even see to prove that global warming is really happening such as the precipitation around the world the amount of rainfall and snow fall has increased extremely around the world over the years....