Values and Ethical Decision Making

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Values and Ethical Decision Making

The analysis and ethical overview of many corporations are coming under severe scrutiny by shareholders as well as potential employees. Attributable to the economic impact of corporate downsizing and budget restrictions, many well qualified candidates are available to fill critical management positions. In relation to the national housing crisis, allowing a market conducive to buyer’s preference, the job market is auspicious to organizational preference. Although, according to John Holland’s personality job-fit theory, individual traits and job suitability are in direct correlation to occupational satisfaction and employee turnover (Robbins & Judge, 2011). In the following essay, REDICO corporation’s values and ethics will be analyzed and compared to personal principles, demonstrating why they were not a good corporate fit. Just as employers are looking for superior candidate-job fit, employees are seeking corporations with parallel values and culture when making career decisions.

Corporate Overview

REDICO, located in Southfield, Michigan, is a privately held real estate development and investment company, which focuses on commercial leased and sold properties, retail development and senior living facilities. Operating under an executive leader and board of directors, REDICO embraces a capitalistic management approach reflective of procedures, regulations, minimal transparency, and precedence toward traditional customs. The organization’s business values and mission is summarized:

Dynamic vision, sound planning, and exceptional results describe the approach that has fueled REDICO’s exponential growth since 2002. Every day, the REDICO team’s mission is to communicate, execute, and focus through teamwork, in pursuit of our commitment to create and maximize real estate value for our company, our partners, our investors, our customers, and the community (REDICO, 2010, About REDICO, para. 3).

Organizational Values...