Burger King

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Burger King

Burger King is the second largest burger restaurant, behind McDonalds. The difference between Burger King and other burger restaurants is that Burger King offers flame broiled burgers instead of the typical fried burgers. Burger King initially had a competitive advantage by letting customers have burgers made their way, but soon others followed suit.

Burger operates over 12,000 stores in the United States and in over 70 countries, although the majority of these stores are franchised. The company started in Miami with the concept of selling burgers, fries, shakes, and sodas. They now offer chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, fish, salads, as well as deserts, although, the signature sandwich remains the Whopper sandwich.

One of the strategies Burger King uses to remain successful when opening new restaurants is observing and learning from the mistakes other restaurants have made. The main emphasis focused on is: 1. Developing infrastructure. 2. Developing a local management team. 3. Building new restaurants in established locations. 4. Establishing a local office. 5. Supporting continuous development and use of local suppliers that meet Burger King specifications.

I believe Burger King structures its value chain based on the situation, i.e., where the restaurant is located, if it is in a well populated area, or perhaps if it is in a new country, unfamiliar with the Burger King brand and products. The objective is to provide a great product at an affordable price and attempt to satisfy the customer to bring that customer along with others back. If the store is based in a well populated area, the focus should be more on the product, such as the burger and how to improve the product, especially with competition involved. Knowing what the customer likes can contribute to this. For example, some countries are not big on beef; therefore the focus would be more on the chicken and the veggie burgers. In countries such as the US, emphasis would be more...