Reaction in Fort Santiago

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1. What is Fort Santiago?

Fort Santiago is a historical place in the Philippines located near in Intramuros. It is a place where you can see the historical past and events that was happened during in Spanish era. It is a place where Rizal, our national hero, was prisoned before he died. Rizal Shrine was located in Fort Santiago. It is a museum where you can see his woks, especially his novel “Noli Me Tangere” and “EL Filibusterismo”. His prison cell was located in Rizal Shrine and even is his last poem “Mi Ultimo Adios” which he wrote before he died. The story of the Lamb and the moth was also putted on the wall. In Fort Santiago, there are marks of footstep of Rizal on the day of his execution going to Bagumbayan (Luneta as it is called now). You can see also the small Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe and on the top of it, you can see the canyons putted on the wall as if it is ready to fire and pull the trigger. Fort Santiago for me makes me want ee the whle happenings when Filipinos started to revolt and how Rizal was shoot and killed of accusing falsely charged of rebellion at the age of 35 years old. It is a historical palce and it is now becomes a tourist spot in Manila. It makes me waana say I love being a Pilipino. When we saw the guards wearing different uniform as it is the uniform of the guards during the Spanish era, the feeling that they lived during Rizal’s time. Buildings structures are all in Spanish culture style. Kalesa are all over the area roaming around. If there is a time machine, I wish to see the style and the structure of the place during Spanish time.

1. What is the significance of the place in the light of Rizal’s life, works, and writings?

The significance of the place in light of Rizal’s life works, and writings is historical and unforgettable mysterious and interesting story. You can see his prison cell before he died in Fort Santiago. It is a place where he wrote his last poem “Mi ultimo Adios” for his beloved nation people and...