The Last of the Mojicans Analysis

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August 09, 2011

“The Last of the Mohican”

Author:  James Fenimore Cooper

Directed by: Michael Mann

Characters and Roles/Position:

1. Hawkeye(Daniel Day-Lewis): Hawkeye’s full name is Natty Bumppo, although he is never called by that name in this novel. His friends call him Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a strongly built white hunter and scout with a fearsome reputation amongst his Indian enemies, who call him “La Longue Carabine,” which is French for “the long rifle.” Hawkeye is an experienced, independent, astute man, who knows the wilderness like the back of his hand. He is endlessly resourceful, leaving Cora and Alice to get help when that was the only way to proceed, and then returning and successfully ambushing the Hurons. It is Hawkeye’s cunning plan to disguise himself in an Indian medicine man’s bearskin that leads to the freeing of Alice from the Huron village.

Hawkeye is honest but can be guileful when the situation demands it. He sometimes expresses a pantheistic philosophy that shows his love of nature, and this is contrasted with the religious piety of David Gamut. Hawkeye is a also a veteran fighter who has taken part in many battles with the French and the Indians. Although he has a generally low opinion of Indians, Hurons especially, he likes Mohicans and Delawares, whom he regards as more honest. He has a deep, long-standing friendship with the two Mohicans, and is ready to risk his life to save Uncas. At the end of the novel, when Chingachgook laments that he is now left alone, Hawkeye pledges to stick with him in friendship.

2. Cora Munro(Madeleine Stowe): Cora Munro is the daughter of Colonel Munro, and the elder sister, by four or five years, of Alice. She is the opposite of Alice. She has dark eyes and dark hair, having been descended remotely from a black...