A Shadow on Solitude

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As a college student, there are so many works that must have to accomplish, we should pass the exam to gain high grades or even a passing grade to continue studying and to graduate, we should pass the requirements needed like projects, thesis and etc. As a student, we do and function according to the priority, there are obstacles and problems which we encounter. A man has always a problem and these may result to stress.

According to Smeltzer, et al (2008), stress is a condition that a person experiences response to adverse influences from the internal or external environment. Adverse means bad feeling or reaction to a specific stimulant. Internal stimulants that lead to stress like feeling of frustration, feeling of hopelessness. External stimulants may include too much workload, peer pressure and other problems regarding outside self.

Stress primarily occurs psychologically because it happens in mind followed by the body. And the specific body part was the one reacts to the stimulant, internally or by externally.

According to Scott (2008, August 18), there are three common college stressors she named. First, the regular old academic stress, student finds academic in high school was easy than in college. Second, the social stress, many of the students have apartment or bed space living with a roommate which may lead to difficult in relating to each other. And last, the other stress, including miscellaneous like tuition fees and other expenses of being a college student, getting up early in class finds difficult to them and cramming for the unexpected quizzes and exams.

As stress goes by, college students experience a range of consequences, Bewick, et al (2008, May) cite some of the common side effects of stress. Experience stress, because of the struggles and problems that one student encounter, he/she might turn into unhealthy habits like heavy drinking. Another is weight issues, it is a combination of stress and social...