Industry Analysis on Telecommunication of Bangladesh

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Chapter-01: Introduction

Telecommunication has been a great medium for us to communicate with others sitting home. Thanks to the telecom-revolution and its persistent evolution that together have made it possible even in developing countries like Bangladesh. This is the central device that we now express ourselves through, get our work done and share our pains and pleasures with. Very much like the nature of the technology, the telecom industry in our country is also changing very rapidly. This is now in its diffusion and the subscriber base as a result is increasing at a decreasing rate.

1.1 Industry organization

The telecommunications industry is divided into four main sectors: wired, wireless, satellite, and other telecommunications establishments. The largest sector of the telecommunications industry continues to be made up of wired telecommunications carriers. Establishments in this sector mainly provide telecommunications services such as such as wired (landline) telephone, digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet, and cable TV and Internet services. These organizations route TV, voice, Internet, data, and other content over a network of wires and cables, and control access to this content. They may own and maintain networks, share networks with other organizations, or lease network capacity from other companies. Establishments in the telecommunications industry, however, do not create the content that is transmitted over their networks, such as TV programs.

Wireless telecommunications carriers provide telephone, Internet, data, and other services to customers through the transmission of signals over networks of radio towers. The signals are transmitted through an antenna directly to customers, who use devices, such as cell phones and mobile computers, to receive, interpret, and send information. A large component of this industry segment consists of companies that provide cellular phone service, which has grown rapidly over the past decade. Another...