Critical Information Systems Paper (Bsa/310)

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Critical Information Systems Paper

Elizabeth Bryant


February 7, 2011

Carol Eichling

Critical Information Systems Paper

Today’s society has many businesses systems within an organization aide in ensuring the success of a given business. For instance, each organization is a typically multiple systems in the organization such as operations, information technology, human resources, and legal to identify a few. Each of these systems has a unique role to the success of the organization depending on its needs. Taking a closer look at business systems one cannot help but notice there seems to be a hierarchy similar to the United States Military. Each business system functions independently although the goals and tasks within the organization is the same.

Kudler Fine Foods is examining there are six business systems that drive the mission statement to provide their customers with the finest products. Theses six systems within Kudler are Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Operations, Sales and Marketing, and information technology. The business system that will be examining thoroughly is information systems in relation to Kudler Fine Foods. The important role is discuss in the information technology and how it plays a role in Kudler’s mission success. Based on IT infrastructure is critical to every day task that take place in the business at Kudler Fine Foods to meet the needs and demands of its customers.

Business system has a degree of IT involvement at Kudler. However, the accounting and finance department plays the largest role at Kudler Fine Foods. The IT infrastructure aforementioned systems impaired if it were not for them. Kudler use a daily basis a certain type of software in accounting and finance. In addition, majority of all business have or has a network and database largely ran by the IT department however, it is be used daily by the accounting and finance departments.

Vast network used to keep track of all POS (Point of Sale)...