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Ethical issues are not just defined as a set of administrative rules and regulations of a standard that must be followed. Upper management and small business owners now realize that there is more to ethical issues than just that. Large and small companies are now realizing that the importance of ethics in business is crucial to succeed. Having respect of its customers and confidence is vital to the business. Unsatisfied customers can hurt any company. Two big issues is fairness and honesty, which can potentially hurt a business. Since ethics are moral issues, it can be extremely tough for the person making decisions with potential implications of having a negative effect on the company. People in business are now held accountable for their own actions. Ethics is a subjective issue that will be viewed differently based on each individual’s concept of righteousness. Having just one definition of business ethics can be difficult.

Moral standards are created by religious beliefs, home environment, and traditions which make ethics hard to define. Morals define personal character while the stress on ethics is a social system that exercises morals. Moral values are developed and taught by others in our living environment such as parents, peers, religion, and teachers. Ethics are rules and guidelines to follow, while morals are one’s personal beliefs. Ethical values are the making of moral values incorporated into activities that are acceptable in the given environment.

Moral and ethical issues can be found everywhere from the newspaper, to our careers, daily activities, to the local television news stations. Our society is bombarded with daily moral and ethical discussions. Facing moral and ethical issues is often perplexing, especially when an individual is determining what factors should be considered. Moral issues involve a set of values, principles, norms, and criteria that makes up a behavior. Morals is what makes individuals act the way they do and helps in...