Work Life Balance

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Case 'Accenture' Work-Life Balance Programs.” Based on the information from the case, respond to the following:

•Discuss the key attributes of the diversity competency illustrated in the case with a specific example of each attribute identified.

•Recommend other strategies that may be used to help Accenture achieve its goals.

According to Diversity Competency includes knowledge, skills, and abilities to value unique individual, group and organizational characteristics as potential sources of strength.

Accenture illustrated the key attributes of diversity competency by their initiatives seeking employees input but also valuing it. Differences are recognized as a uniting component rather than a separating one to ensure their opinion matters.

Examples of how Accenture demonstrated diversity competency is through their internal surveys. This survey served as a purpose to determine the importance of time and flexibility in relations to work life balance. Accenture surveyed a broad range of employees that consisted of age, gender and ethnic differences. Apparently, Accenture was valuing unique individuals. The survey brought forth knowledge from information that was elicited from the survey. As a result, Accenture implemented a Work-Life Initiative program. Ultimately, the greatest reward for the company and its’ employees is that the employees are satisfied with a company that acknowledges their time and Accenture will be successful as long as they continue to satisfy there people.

Another strategy that could have help Accenture achieve its’ goal is through team competency; Collaborating and cooperating as a team to get the job done. Valuing the input of other team members makes achieving a common goal more efficient.