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Roderick Hoskins

Strayer University Online

Professor W. Diaz

June 16, 2010

BUS 107

Chapter 4

RQ1. Assume you are a consultant to Fred’s Sticks, a golf club manufacturer that sells its clubs directly to customers on the Web. Review Figure 4-5, which describes how advertisers select television programs that would be good hosts for their ads. Present a list of four magazines (other than golf magazines) in which Fred’s Sticks should consider placing print advertising to support its Web sales effort. For each magazine, write one paragraph in which you explain why that magazine would be a good advertising outlet to reach potential customers of an online golf club store.

The four magazines that Fred Sticks should consider placing print advertisement to support its Web sales effort are: 1.) Better Home and Garden – this will help because it will catch the eyes of home owners and those that tend to keep better homes or those that like to redecorate their homes.

2.) Ebony – this magazine appeals to most of the younger generation and those that like entertainment. It will give them some incite of outdoors and landscapes of their yards and other lot/land.

3.) Seventeen – this will broaden that outlook of young ladies and golf. This will give them new lines of clothing that will be sporty and cute

Chapter 5

RQ1. Define “direct materials” and “indirect materials.” List reasons for a large company having two separate departments to manage the purchasing of each.

Direct materials are defined as materials that become part of the finished product in a manufacturing process.

Indirect materials are defined as all other materials that a company purchases in support of the manufacturing of an items or items, but not directly used in the production of the product.

The reasons that large companies have two separate departments to manage the purchasing of each is because many companies include purchases of nonmanufacturing goods,...