Snow Storm Lawsuit

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Health Care Policy, Law, and Ethics

Assignment #2, The Snow Storm Lawsuit

Dr. Harold Ray Griffin

Alexander Johnson

July 22, 2011

Identify and explain at least three legal consideration

The first legal consideration is the staffing issues that are present here at this hospital. There were clearly not enough staff to take care of the medical needs of the patients present. In the absence of the CEO, there are many instances that would have been avoided if the staff that was hired were a little more considerate and dedicated to the mission of the hospital. There was mention of nurses that did not agree to come in. Understanding that it was a snow storm and it may have been difficult to get to the hospital, the one nurse that did come in took it upon herself to leave the facility to get dinner.

The second legal consideration would be who is liable for the extreme negligence in this case. As the CEO, I would be held liable vicariously. This is because I would be responsible for the actions of those that are under my control medically. This is based on respondeat superior which means that the superior is responsible for the actions of those they supervise.

The third legal consideration is that there are many untrained personnel at this hospital that put the health and welfare of the patients that they are responsible for at risk. This should not be an issue at a health care facility. Not being able to perform task or the knowledge to provide care to patients you are entrusted is a form of negligence as well.

Identify and explain at least three ethical considerations.

The first ethical consideration would be the fact that the staff that were scheduled to work did not show up or attempt to show up. Even in a snowstorm, there are those in the health care field that understand they have an obligation to their patients, especially nurses. Speaking of nurses, the one that did show up found time to leave the facility and get dinner. Not saying that...