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There are some strong guiding points. First, the money used must be to supplement narcotics operations. Second, this is a form of supplemental monies provided to help defray the costs of narcotics operations. Third, this money cannot be used to supplement general budget. Fourth, this money has been received for a major drug interdiction carried out last fall.

Taking a cue from the Narcotics Budget given to use we should allocate the monies received first to the activities in the quarter when the drug interdiction was carried out. In other words, the money spent on narcotics operations in the fourth quarter of last year should get preference in allocation of the money.

The costs incurred in the fourth quarter of last year were $87,500 on 10 officers, and $12,500 over time paid to officers. This item is included because these offers were directly involved in the drug operation for which money is being received. In addition, the maintenance cost of vehicles incurred during the fourth quarter $2,500 as these vehicles were used during the narcotics operations. The training costs of $3,000 incurred during the 4th quarter as the training was provided to the personnel involved in training personnel involved in narcotics operations during the 4th quarter. Finally, the funds of $1,000 incurred during the 4th quarter paid to informants during the narcotics operations in the fourth quarter. The sum of these costs incurred during the 4th quarter adds up to $1, 06,500.

Additional $43,500 should be used to defray the costs of vehicle purchases made during the second quarter. The reason for this allocation is that the vehicles were used in narcotics operations. In addition, these vehicles have been allocated to the narcotics operations only. So, this fund allocation will be used to for narcotics operations only. These are not general purpose vehicles of the department.