Old Smoke

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Old Smoke

1. Explain how you would handle this situation if you were Charles Renfold?

Over the last several years, companies have implemented a non-smoking policy in their place of employment because of the health issues caused by smoking cigarettes for smokers and for non smokers alike. In the situation with Darlene at Redwood Associates, if I were Charles Renfold I would restrict smoking in the workplace because non-smokers can suffer drastically from second hand smoke which put them at a greater risk for developing lung diseases and cancers. One symptom a non-smoker can suffer from secondhand smoke is excessive coughing and many smokers need to realize that everyone around them is also inhaling the smoke. In regards to Darlene refusing to write the report that management was requesting, I would take into consideration Darlene feelings and the health hazard that she is exposed to by inhaling the old smoke in the office. Redwood Associates should a designate a non-smoking office to store the files which will benefit all the employees because Darlene can perform her duties productively without inhaling the old smoke and Alice and Frank will still have their office where they can smoke freely. According to Charles Renfold, even though the law in their state requires companies to provide a smoke-free work area, it cannot force companies to ban smoking altogether so by having a designated office where it is a smoke free area, Redwood Associates would still be in compliance with the state law and the rights that smokers have.

2. Describe the policy on smoking that you would recommend to Redwood Associates?

The policy that I would recommend to Redwood Associates would be no smoking inside the workplace. All areas of the workplace will be smoke free with no exception which will include the employee break room. Everyone has rights and if an employee chooses to smoke that is their right, however the policy will...