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Credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college students

1. Introduction:

Credit card companies aimed directly at college students despite of worry, that many students are encountering uncontrollable amount of credit card debt and finish college with high debt.

2. First main point – credit card companies adore college students

A. Supporting points- companies have strong instinct that parents will bond them out if they run up their credit card bills.

B. Supporting points- students also have a long credit life in front of them. That stands for years of interest costs for the credit card companies.

3. Second main point- free credit can mean hard times for college students.

A. Supporting points- One out of four college students depart with five thousands in debt, one out of ten depart with over ten thousands in debt.

B. Supporting points- Students in college that apply for and obtain credit cards and show bad debt management ability leave school with not only credit card and possibly school loan debt but also a bad credit history.

4. Conclusion:

Several states, like California, Texas, Oklahoma and New York, have set out laws that limit credit card marketing on campus. Other states do not have a legislation to stop credit card companies from preying on unwary college students. Therefore, students need to be on guard against schemes.

When I first started my outline, I was kind of uncertain on how I was going to complete the outline. My outline helps me organize my ideas from the start to the finish. It is the structure of my paper, helps frame my ideas, and puts my ideas in order. I am hoping that I can work on my outline a little bit more and see if I have everything in the order that I want them. I am hoping to put information in order from what I think is the most important to what I think is the least important. Transitional words and phrases join paragraphs and sentences to each other. Paragraph...