Together We Stand

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Recently there have been several similar cases of illness in the community we reside in. No facts have been proven just yet but all signs are pointing to the developmental planning and process of the community. It seems as if the gas company has had a big part to do with this misfortune. No one will speak to me directly about these issues so I decided to do my own investigation to see how and why this fiasco came about.

A few years before the community was built, there was a report that there was a gas spill in this state but the location was never reported. I took the liberty to find the articles that were published about this gas spill. The reports that I have found only state that the spill was located outside of the inner city but yet again, the whereabouts were never reported. I looked at the employee directory for the gas company to see if there was anyone I would be about to speak to about the reports but all they could tell me was that the spill was twenty miles west of the city but it was under control. After looking at the models for the inner city as well as our town, I found out that our community was built on top of the land where the gas spill happened years ago.

They never thoroughly cleaned the land before beginning building which would explain all the sicknesses that are happening. The gas company was not supposed to build on this land from the beginning because it is contaminated. They used this land because it was much cheaper than the space that was on the other side of the city. They decided they would save money and the expense of other people’s lives. I have decided that everyone should know about this because it affects their life in a major. The best we can do as a community is clean it up to the best of our ability. Since the spill was so many years ago it has seeped into the land and the fumes are what’s making people so ill.

Collectively we need to go to the gas company at let them know what is going on. It is not like we can...