What Are the Roles of the Minor Characters Mr Fezziwig

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What are the roles of the minor characters Mr Fezziwig, Fred and Bob Cratchit in this story?

In the novel A Christmas Carol the roles of the minor characters Mr Fezziwig, Fred and Bob Cratchit is to help reform the protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge, who at was a hard-hearted, tight-fisted man of commerce. The minor characters all inspire him into changing his old bad ways, and become a large-hearted, open-handed man for his fellow human beings.

The importance of Mr Fezziwig in the novel is to show Scrooge that he needs to reform himself in treating his employee, Bob Cratchit fairly. There are many scenes where Scrooge treats Bob as if he were unworthy. He is compared with Mr Fezziwig throughout the stave, such as Mr Fezziwig’s workplace… It was “snug, warm & dry’ whereas Scrooge’s was the opposite of this. Scrooge had a “very small fire” and his clerk’s was even smaller. Fezziwig also gave his employees a day off on Christmas as he loved and celebrated Christmas. At his Christmas ball “there were more dances.” Scrooge enjoyed these balls, but when it came to Bob asking for a day off he was very cross and didn’t want to provide that day off. Mr Fezziwig’s presence in the novella causes Scrooge to treat Bob Cratchit fairly.

Fred’s existence in the novel is to influence Scrooge the importance of family and to bring out the best in him. Fred is Scrooge’s only living relative that never lost hope in him, but pity’s him. Scrooge ‘seemed uneasy in the mind,’ when he realised this. Scrooge neglected his ‘nephew’ and shun his family in favour of money but Fred stuck around because he knew Scrooge would come around as a better man. In the end he did, and Fred was pleased with this.

Bob Cratchit’s role in the novel is to show Scrooge the importance of being generous and polite. No matter how badly Scrooge treated him, he still was kind-hearted in return. For instance Scrooge kept ‘ an eye on his clerk, who in a dismal little cell.’ Dickens is trying to get the reader to...