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Management: Performance Management

Performance Evaluation

What It Is?

Performance Evaluation is a tool you can use to help enhance the efficiency of the work unit. This tool is a means to help ensure that employees are being utilized effectively. Employees can use it as a clear indication of what is expected of them before you tell them how well they are doing, and then as feedback of how well they did.


Performance Evaluation is a multi-purpose tool used to:

• Measure actual performance against expected performance

• Provide an opportunity for the employee and the supervisor to exchange ideas and feelings about job performance

• Identify employee training and development needs, and plan for career growth

• Identify skills and abilities for purposes of promotion, transfer, and reduction in force

• Support alignment of organization and employee goals

• Provide the basis for determining eligibility for compensation adjustments based on merit

• Provide legal protection against lawsuits for wrongful termination

The primary purpose of Performance Evaluation is to provide an opportunity for open communication about performance expectations and feedback. Most employees want feedback to understand the expectations of their employer and to improve their own performance for personal satisfaction. They prefer feedback that is timely and given in a manner that is not threatening.


Many benefits result from the Performance Evaluation process:

• Control of the work that needs to be done

• Enhancement of employee motivation, commitment, and productivity

• Identification of goals and objectives for the employee

• Satisfaction of the basic human need for recognition

• Identification of process improvement opportunities

• Identification of employee development opportunities


North Dakota Administrative Code (NDAC) Chapter 4-07-10 contains requirements for performance management...