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Republic Flour Mills Corporation (RFM)

Customer Research

Business Location

* 6/F, RFM Corporate Center

Pioneer corner, Sheridan Streets

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

* Pasta Plant: RFM Pioneer Plant, Barangay Pineda, Pasig City

* Milk and Juice Plant: Manggahan, Pasig City

* Meat Processing: Cabuyao,Laguna

* Margarine Plant: Fairlane, Pasig City

Business Information

* It is one of the biggest diversified food and beverage companies in the Philippines. ( General Milling Corporation, Universal Robina Corporation, Pilmico Foods Corporation, and San Miguel Corporation)

* It evolved from a single company producing bags of flour, to a multi-company enterprise managing a chain of branded products that are highly visible in the consumer market today.

* Offers consumer brands known for quality and value in the Philippine market. 

* The Company has diversified into poultry and livestock production and areas of food manufacturing

Company Background


1957 - RFM was incorporated as Republic Flour Mills, Inc. to manufacture flour in the Philippines,

1963 - Commissioned new plant facilities to produce cooking oil and margarine.

1965 - Manufacture poultry and hog feeds.

1971 - RFM integrated forward into hog and poultry breeding.

1973 - The Company signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Swift and Company of Illinois.

1975 - Continuous meat processing plant was constructed, which is the first in the country.

1987 - The “Swift” brand name was eventually purchased by RFM, allowing the Company to have the rights to its exclusive use in the Philippines.

1970 to 1980 - Grocery items are introduced, such as cake mixes, hotcake mixes, and ingredient mixes during this period.

1989 - RFM Corporation purchase the Cosmos Bottling Corporation (Cosmos),a company from the Wong Family

1990 - RFM acquired the “Selecta” trademark from the Arce Family. .

1993 - The...