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Report is about my internship that I accept completed at National Bank of Pakistan, New Bazaar Branch Bhalwal from 13th December 2010 to 27 January 2011. The purpose of internship accounts address was to Looking for a acceptable duke on acquaintance in the applied acreage with an invaluable ability during my acquaintance and to aggregate accordant advice to accumulation up internship address on National Bank of Pakistan New Bazaar Branch Bhalwal. Main affair is to accredit the acceptance to use the administration techniques, and acquisition out the accessible band-aid of administration problems faced by the organization

National Coffer of Pakistan is at the beginning of all-embracing cyberbanking in Pakistan which is accurate by the actuality that NBP has its branches in all of the above banking capitals of the world. NBP was awarded as "Best Foreign Exchange Coffer in 2008” by world's arch banking account “Global Finance” and the coffer with the accomplished acknowledgment on basic in Asia and No.8 in the apple by Banker Magazine in July 2003.

Report is based on my seven weeks internship program in National Bank of Pakistan. The methodology for collection of data is primary as well as secondary data. The biggest source of information is my personal experience.

Report is divided into different sections. 1st section is the sector in which NBP falls according to current scenario; in 2nd section I have discussed overview, history, vision, mission, core values, Nature of business& volume, product line, competitor & comments.

3rd I have discussed bank senior management & Branches networks. In 4th section I have discussed the plan of my internship in which I mention the branch and the departments where I did internship. 5th section is about the training program which shows the operations of the departments and the details of the tasks which I have performed during my internship. 6th section is about Ratio Analysis. 7th section is about Finance & Accounts I...