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1. Type and characteristics of the product:

Our product is mainly a specialty service, combined with some goods, the service is the helping universities graduate students who face difficulties to keep their higher grades because their jobs took most of their times, and international students who are not used to the American educational system and we will help them to keep their high grades through conducting special courses for each student until they finish their programs, and the goods are additional books and resources the students might required to increase their studying efficiency,

We are not going to depend on one specific style or syllabus for our educational service, the characteristic that distinguish of our service is the specialization, “My Teacher” is specialized by helping each customer depending on his personal needs, so each students will obtain the help in a different way with different methods and courses.

Our service is offered to graduate and international students in Washington DC, Boston and New York which they have the largest number of universities to reach the biggest number of students, and it will be offered in the company’s branches, and all over the United States using online courses, our service is more than just conducting courses for students to increase their understanding, we will be very careful to insure that each one of our customer will be able to organize his time to be successful in both his job and his educational program, by helping each student concerning time management and we will try to offer a time schedule specifying times for the job, attending courses and free time for students so they can take a rest, depending on each student situation,

“My Teacher” will offer to customers a high teaching quality, by using the recent technological tools that are used in the educational field such as visual and sounds methods, and we will use modern teaching techniques with the most recent and updated methods, also we...