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Health Care Professionals 1

Health Care Professionals

Leslie T. Moore

Strayer University

Professor Tataw

August 9, 2011

Health Care Professionals 2


Health care professionals play a key role in the provision of health services to met the needs

and demands of the population. This includes the health policy issues that greatly impact

and affect our health care system in the United States currently and in the future. This paper

will discuss and identify health care professionals and the role that they play in the United

States health care system

Health Care Professionals 3

1. Indentify and describe the three reasons there may be a physician shortage rather than a

surplus in the United States.

There are many dimensions to the future of physicians and other medical professions,

but all fade away in the face of one major fact. In the year of 2010, the rate of medical

staff departures from active practice may reach epic proportions, far outstripping the

ability of hospitals or training programs to respond. It’s the baby boomers moving into

retirement at age 65. The trend is also growing due to a number of reasons. Demographic

factors are among the most significant, but the symptoms are more complicated.

The first reason that there may be a shortage is that managed care remains a formidable

Force in the organization and delivery of health care, its more restrictive elements have

been blunted due to widespread physician and patient dissatisfaction, particularly with

limits on choice....