Hypertensive Boss

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1. Why is Bella demotivated? Is she justified to be so?

Bella is demotivated knowing the big disparity of their salaries. The chemistry between them is negatively affected by salary matters which results to jealousy . Though patty is only a newcomer, she received higher salary than that of Bella. That probably made her fell depressed and so insecure. No particular party is to be blamed. Actually maybe it definitely be justifiable for her being a CPA compared to a newcomer and beside that, she has been in the company for a long time. On the other hand, we can’t blame the management if they have given salary to patty higher than Bella, Patty had been to different companies and gained various experiences, so maybe the management had seen her doing better than Bella. Bella must be contented of what she has now. For the sake of her career, reputation and sanity, it is necessary to avoid ill feelings in the workplace.

2. Describe the relationship between Bella and Patty, were their behaviors justified? Explain your stand.

They maintained a distance which created a gap between the two because Patty felt that there is something wrong with Bella which later affected the performance of Patty and starting to become conscious in her workplace.  She felt limited and unfree. She has been hearing talks behind her. Even if she find Bella an annoying gossip, Patty can get along with her behavior simply as something she doesn’t want to participate in, just ignore then it will be easy to get along with. We understand that Patty felt bad for hurting Bella’s feeling unintentionally,but she must not let her job be affected. while Bella felt some insecurity and unequal treatment between them. She maybe felt betrayed and start judging her worth to the corporation. Bella is obviously jealous of patty. If only Bella will stop thinking that patty is a threat for her, she will not feel insecure. They must both see to it that they are professionals, that they could handle anything...