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By Ian Fleming

Drawings by Phil Hailstone

Based on a concept devised by Martin Terry of Lucas Industries Group Training Department.

“This splendid little book respects our intelligence and time. It also puts to shame all the gimmicks to which we have been subjected of late.” Abdulla Ali Uqba, Chief Executive, Al Atheer, Development & Management Consultancy, Dubai. “More than just a guide to better managing your time - it’s a collection of simple, yet effective, tips and reminders to help keep you on track.” Linda Harlow, Director, Brook Street plc “Contains a wealth of practical tips to help busy managers manage their time better.” Viv Clements, Training Officer, Aylesbury Vale District Council.

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INTRODUCTION 1 MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS Working with your boss, secretary, team, dealing with interruptions, assertiveness 55

MANAGING WORK ACTIVITIES Taking action (for the right reason, at the right time, in the right way)

5 75 MANAGING COMMUNICATIONS Listening, asking questions, speaking, reading, writing, meetings and handling phone calls

MANAGING YOUR THINKING & REASONING Stress, creativity, problem solving, decision-making,...