Bahay Bata (2011) Movie Review

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Directed by: Eduardo Roy, Jr.

1. Describe the state of the Philippine healthcare system by describing the situation in the public maternity hospital as depicted in the film. How is the public maternity hospital in the film a depiction of the general healthcare system in the country?

The film opens by following a pregnant woman on her way to a maternity hospital. She complains about her stomach which is hurting. But when she finally arrived, she sees a line of pregnant women waiting to be entertained by the physician. She then sits at the end of the line. Even the first scene shows that the hospital does not properly entertain the needs of the people. The women have to wait before being checked. What if the stomach ache was a sign of a serious complication? The mother wouldn’t know because she had to wait and sit there. It depicts the real situation in the country. The hospitals lack employees and medical personnel - that is why they cannot serve efficiently. One of the reasons is that the doctors and nurses migrate to other countries because of greater salaries. This leaves the Philippines only a few dedicated medical practitioners.

Another scene was in the delivery room where several women were giving birth just a few meters away from each other. It clearly shows that the place is too small and cannot comfortably serve the patients. This is another depiction of the real healthcare system in the country. The demand for the medical services greatly outweighs the medical resources. That is why the hospitals in our country cannot accommodate hundreds of people who flock everyday to avail the services.

Another scene was when Sarah entered the maternity ward where two or even three women and their babies share single beds. As mothers who just went into a painful labor, I think this is not right. They have to get comfortable in order for them to heal fast and take care of their babies. But I know that in public hospitals, you cannot be...