A Popular Student in School

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Charming and extroverted. That's how I would describe a popular student in my school. Her name's Veronica. She is a short and skinny person. She looks around thirteen years old. But if you were to ask her how old she is, she would shake her head and she refuse to tell her age.

I first met her when we were in the Chemistry laboratory while carrying out an experiment. All of a sudden I saw a broken test tube on the floor and her hand was bleeding!!Our Chemistry teacher was not in class so I immediately decided to help her clean the wound up. While I was cleaning her wound up, she talked to me and said, "Thank you for your help, I appreciate it very much," I replied, "You are most welcome."

From that day on, we talked non-stop. We never got tired of chatting about Korean superstars. Right up to this day, we never stopped talking about them.

It has been one year since I met Veronica. We have become inseparable. She has thought me how to be a hardworking yet an active student. You can see her practically everywhere in the school or even out of the school compounds. Bowling, playing basketball, tennis and volleyball. She is always scoring good grades like flying colors. I would have never seen her slack in anything she does. And best of all, she is a singing sensation and artistic.

Everything has gone right for her and no one has managed to match her popularity. Her confident, charming and active life has turned the school upside down. That's how I would describe a popular student in my school.