Scope and Limitation on Mathematical Modeling

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Taking Responsibility in Environmental

And Ecological Sustainability

Task 3

Modelling Economic Development

And Environmental Protection

In Partial Fulfilment

Of the Requirements for the Course

Business Calculus


Irene Clara M. Alba

Ellen G. Argame

Jermaine N. Panim

Dong Jin Kim

Grace Vigilla

August 22, 2011


This paper aims to determine the economic variables relating to the concerns in environment and create a mathematical model that can represent the current situation based on the data gathered in the research. Proponents aim to find a solution to which business calculus would be applied to address the need to form a mathematical model that would be able to illustrate the topic chosen and estimate the future statistics using the model.

Though the research covers the topic of economic factors relating to the environmental concerns, the data would be limited to the Philippine settings and the information gathered by the local government concerning the Philippine population and its environmental impact in the country.

A model based on mathematical equations will be used to represent empirical data. With the correct model and calculus, proponents will determine important characteristics of the data, such as the rate of change anywhere on the curve (first derivative), the local minimum and maximum points of the function (zeros of the first derivatives).

DataFit Software Version 9.0 will be the software used to derive fitted curves as aids for data visualization, to infer values of a function where no data are available, and to summarize the relationships among two or more variables. By making use of this software, we will be able to determine the best model and the best technique necessary for the completion of this study and for the fulfillment of the desired results.

Sources of data will cover any related articles in the internet that can be applied in the Philippines, including information and...