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Business Solutions is the answer to new systems or upgrades, unfinished projects, research, business start ups, customized programming, business process definition and design, just about anything that you need to keep your business on track.

Examples of Business Solutions:

1. IT Management:

Business Solutions can perform IT audits of your processes, remote server/network monitoring/maintenance, help track IT inventory and resources, verify backup procedures and disaster plans, enterprise virus protection, overall policies and procedures related to IT

1.1 Computer Hardware:

Business Solutions can help you select, install, upgrade, repair, or dispose of most any type computer or server. From the oldest personal computer to the most advanced

1.2 Automation:

Looking to automate your home or office? Business Solutions can help! Whether you are exploring structured wiring, employee timekeeping, or automating expense reporting, we can help provide the most efficient and cost effective solution in today's market.


Shows how you can automate your business paperlessly.

1.3 Ready Softwares:

Other example of Business Solutions is payroll and accounting software.

1 1.3.1 Accounting

Accounting is an integral part of business in today's world. Whether the type of accounting you are interested in is financial or managerial

1.4 Custom Programming:

Business Solutions is using business languages like .NET, C#, VB, RPGILE, and others to develop

1.5 Telecommunications:

Business Solutions knows telephone systems, voice mail systems, automated attendants, and more.

1.6 E-commerce

The E-Commerce section is devoted to assisting entrepreneurs, management and marketers in starting or growing an e-commerce business.

2 Benefits & Limitations Of E-Commerce

Benefits Of Ecommerce...

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