Child Custody

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Child Custody and Visitation Agreement

________________________________________  ("Custodian") shall have custody of ________________________________________  ("Child"), and control and supervision of _________ [his or her] upbringing, subject to the following:

1. ________________________________________  ("Non-Custodial Parent") shall have the right to visit the Child once each week, on either of the following days, between the following hours, respectively:  (A) on ______________ [day of the week] between _________________ [starting hour] and ______________ [ending hour] or ______________ [alternate starting hour] and ______________ [alternate ending hour]; or (B) on ______________ [day of the week] between _________________ [starting hour] and ______________ [ending hour] or ______________ [alternate starting hour] and ______________ [alternate ending hour]. 

It is agreed that the Non-Custodial Parent will notify the Custodian on or before ___________________________ [day of the week and time of day] whether the Non-Custodial Parent intends to visit the Child and on which of the designated days and times.  If the day or hour selected is inconvenient, the Custodian will notify the Non-Custodial Parent no later than ___________________________ [day of the week and time of day], and the Non-Custodial Parent shall be permitted to visit the Child the alternate day or during the alternate hours.

2. Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed as an obligation or a duty on the part of the Non-Custodial Parent to accept custody of the Child at the time or for the periods indicated. The intention of the parties is that the Non-Custodial Parent's right of visitation shall be entirely optional to Non-Custodial Parent, and should the Non-Custodial Parent so desire, Non-Custodial Parent may waive the privilege of visitation on any occasion and for any reason, without waiving Non-Custodial Parent's right to future visits.

3. _____ Not...