Screenin Mammography

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Research question: How can access be improved to screening mammography among low income and minority women?

Appelbaum, S.H., Shapiro, B., & Elbaz, D. (1998). The management of multicultural group conflict. Team Performance Management, 4(5), 211. doi: 10.1108/13527599810234173

This article examines the role of conflict within teams and especially within multicultural teams. It presents recommendations for managing this conflict constructively in order to increase creativity and productivity and take advantage of the strengths of multicultural team members to be more competitive in a global economy. Stephen Applebaum has published many articles on management and communication with the majority published in scholarly journals. Barbara Shapiro has also published quite a few articles, most in conjunction with Appelbaum; many were published in scholarly journals. The authors' recommendations are supported by literature in the field and seems unbiased. Although the article is a little old, it presents ideas about using the strengths of a diverse group to increase team productivity and demonstrates the idea that understanding cultural differences is important to collaborative teamwork.

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This article summarizes the...