Retail Management

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1.0 Introduction

has an enviable record of cost-effectively providing targeted training, and other capacity building services to both the public and private sectors in Jamaica and across the region. As such, the UTech has been invited by the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce to design and deliver a comprehensive training programme for Retail Managers and Supervisors. In support of this assignment a team from the UTech has conducted a series of tours of selected retail location in Kingston and St. Andrew

2.0 Programme Format and Design

The Training Programme will be targeted at Retail Managers and Supervisors. The programme will be designed to provide a ladder that will permit participants to start at the CSEC/CXC level and eventually rise to the Bachelors Degree level. Managers and Supervisors who do not meet the requirement of CSEC/CXC certification for entry may opt for UTech’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) programme. The PLA is a diagnostic tool that measures readiness for the academic programme. Individuals who are not ready for the programme will be put through a short individualized remedial programme that will qualify them for entry.

The Retail Management programme will be organized as follows:

• The first stage will be an intense five day workshop. This will be ready by October of 2008 and will be offered monthly depending on demand. The UTech envisions that all Supervisory and Managerial Retail staff who do not currently possess degree level certification can benefit from this programme. Participants do not require CSEC/CXC certification to participate in the workshop.

• The second stage will be a Certificate course in Retail Management. This will be ready by September of 2009. This programme will carry academic credits and may be used to matriculate into the third stage. Participants will require CSEC/CXC certification or a positive PLA assessment to enter the Certificate Programme

• The third stage will be a Diploma in Retail...