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Case Incident 2: Abusive Customers Cause Emotions to Run High


Telephone Customer service representatives have a tough days with the automated telephone system that create a labyrinth for the customer. It keeps the awaiting for a long period even though when it is urgent. For this system customers become stressed out and fall into abusing the CSR (Customer Service Representatives) in this highly psychological case we have seen how the agents become emotionally regretted after being abused by the customers. Most of the customers attack these agents with slangs and other abusing words, even though they try to apology or handle the situation cordially. Then its a huge challenge to overcome the situations for the agent. In the whole case there are some examples of how the employees get themselves emotional for the abusive matters. In some certain level these cases affect the employees personal family life badly also. Employees go through some mental sickness and also compel them to resting from the job. So it is a huge challenge for Customer service industry to handle the abusive customer with a service mindset and with the proper dealings as they want.

Question1: From an emotional labor perspective, how does dealing with an abusive customer lead to stress and burn out?


The customer service representative mainly deals with the customers through telephone. While dealing with them, the employees have to face with many abusive customers as a result they have to pass through lots of mental pressure and burn outs. This leads the employees to become emotionally frustrated, this temperature raises and it raises their negative emotion. The employee then

starts to behave rudely at his or her home, they express their anger to someone else. Also this stress

causes them to take irrational decision. They remain absent more frequently and are more prone to

illness and ultimately they want to turnover from their job.

Question2: If you were a recruiter for...