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I’m Angelique M. ymas 21 years old I live at blk 03 lot 11 carla ville subdivision prenza marilao bulacan. BSIT student this is my second course. my first course is BS nursing from STI COLLEGE RECTO and ARELLANO UNIVERSITY. I have one sister, and one brother i\m youngest. My mother is a vendor. And my father is vendor also. They are vegetable product. My sister is married and they have two daughters and I love my niece so much I want finish my study someday. I want to be a professional someday and I want help my family. Choose BSIT because I want this course actually I hate nursing but I don’t know to took up my first course. tell my mother Took up nursing because in demand and good for me. But for me I really really hate. I hope finish my bachelor of science information technology course after that.

I love music because is relaxing every night sound trip. and my favorite food is so many chapsuy beef of mushroom and beef broccoli and my favorite fruits is mango orange . I;m a travel person I really love travel some other part of Philippines im so tired.thinking. From school I’m a friendly person and talkative.and naughty and sassy person. I saw many birds flying in the sky and I shoot them all. And last day I cannot find my eye glass because and I know that the thief caught my eye glass.

my goal in life is to finish my study and become a successful in our dreams. I want to put my own business and manage it. And with this business I would make the dreams of my family true to have our own business and make it as large as we can by helping with each other to go for the success. I willing to hely my family I know IT is very difficult and I choose this course because I want to learn more about computer.