Emergency Service Provided to Refinery for Plant Re-Start Issue – Major Hurricane Struck Us Gulf Coast Causing Many Refineries to Shutdown. Refining Customer Contacted Air Products When Their Contract Supplier Could Not

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Intro to Media Arts

(Movie Review)

Jacob B. Sabuquia

1st Yr – AB Multi Media Arts

Ms. Nancy Macalam

August 22, 2011

I . Title of the Movie:

The Karate Kid, directed by Herald Zwart, Jerry Weintraub, Will Smit. The movie is produced by Jada Pinkett Smith and James Lassiter.

II. Plot / Synopsis :

The Karate Kid is also known “The Kung Fu Dream” in Chinese translation. This movie is a reamake of the 1984 film of the same name.

The plot is all about the 12-year old boy namely Dre who is in the character of Jaden Smith, and his mother Sherry, Taraji Henson, move to Beijing from West Detroit after she gets a transfer in her car factory job. Dre met a neighborhood bully, Cheng, whose family is close to Mei Ying, Wenwen Han. Dre started to develop his feeling to Mei Ying, a young violinist, who reciprocates his attention. Dre tries to pass by without then seeing his bully friend, but, heng and the others pursue and catch Dre, beating him. During the brutal attack, the enigmatic maintenance man of Dre’s building, Mr. Han, who is Jackie Chan, comes to Dre’s aid, revealing himself as a kung fu master who dispatches Dre’s tormentor.

After Han mends Dre’s injuries using fire cupping, Dre asks if Mr. Han could teach him Kung-Fu. Han refuses, but decides to meet Cheng’s teacher, Master Li, to make peace. Li, who teaches his students to show no mercy to their enemies, challenges Dre to fight with Cheng. When Han declines, Li says they will not be allowed to leave his school unless Dre or Han fights. Han acquiesces, but insist the fight take place at an upcoming tournament, and Li’s students leave Dre alone until the tournament. Li aggress, but tells Han that if Dre does not show up during the tournament he will personally bring pain to Han and Dre.

Dre is shocked when Han tells him that he will fight in a kung fu...