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Running head: ASSIGNMENT 4

BUS340: Assignment 4

Roy L. Allen

Strayer University

Prof. Ted Majors, Jr MBA

June 15, 2011

Chapter 1


Good cop/ Bad cop is one of the best-known negotiation tactics. This gambit is a social-psychological strategy used to persuade the other side to move towards one’s desired outcome by subjecting the other side to stressful emotional contrast. The idea behind this tactic is to increase the other side’s stress level on one hand and induce cooperation on the other. The bad cop acts in a threatening and abusive way and the good cop adopts a friendly and warm posture to create a positive climate and relationship between him and the counterpart. Having an option to deal with either an aggressive or friendly counterpart, the choice seems to be obvious. It is important to be aware of our limits in negotiation, especially when we decide to cooperate with the Good cop, as he/she will be the one that asks for concessions ‘in return’ for managing the Bad cop.

Everybody has seen this "bad cop-good cop" negotiation trick on television shows. Typically, the tough cop will ruthlessly negative, constantly arguing, always opposed to everything the other side says. Then the "bad" cop is called away for some reason and the "good" cop takes over to sweet-talk the other side to exude sympathy and understanding in their position and views.

This is a great negotiation tactic that works in contract negotiations. Often the technical or program manager is the "bad cop," who is tough and not willing to compromise. But the "good cop" is someone who is naturally, likable and who is more reasonable. However, don't be fooled.

How do you respond to this tactic? Simple. Let them play the game. Let them have fun -- but continue to watch out for your interests. Don’t get taken in by the emotions inherent in the situation; realign your conversation to the overall...

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