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In recent years, with the trend of globalization in the ground, the factors of globalization cover various aspects, such as political, economic, cultural and others. Jameson (2007) proposed that “the concept of globalization should be to balance the cultural relevance of each component of occupation, class, geography, philosophy, language, social aspects of biological research”. Culture is defined as a group of human beings belong to the same utopian way of life, with a common understanding, can communicate with each other, which can be obtained through the acquired learning, and culture is mandatory, such as social ethics have forced people to take that trip to meet the specifications role. Different community business, wealth and material success; changes and adventures attitude will affect the acceptance of products in the local, social to business, wealth and material success; changes and adventures such as attitudes, will affect the acceptance of products in the local degrees, this will be the McDonald case to discuss how components of cultural identity relate to intercultural business communication (Jameson, 2007).

In this world, each country has its own culture. McDonald has hosted many in this area of ​​research and to explore and solutions according to their geographical position religious and traditional way of life to design products suitable for the country. Basically can be divided into three different types which including Western countries, Asia and Middle East. As a result, McDonald in Asia launched the rice burgers in the Middle East (Muslim) countries have introduced beef Castle, in Germany, McDonald's meal to drink beer; in France, Hamburg and wine together These are the McDonald sale order to comply with each country's culture, the launch of the strategy in place Cultural differences of course McDonald's meals to different countries..

Jameson (2007) demonstrated that different cultural can affect the company design their product in different...