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CheckPoint: Online Auction


August 19, 2011

CheckPoint: Online Auction

There are many ways through the use of E-Commerce to sell products on the internet. For the small business owner or a person just looking to sell a few items eBay has become one of the leaders in this market. To better understand how this has taken place the sell just need to learn the easy steps it takes to put their items up for sale on the site.

The set of steps that the small business owner or private party has to do are these, register as a seller on eBay and PayPal, next choose what to sell, then research your item to price it right, and then prep your photos and description of the items you want to sell. The second set of steps are to start with the Keep it Simple form with step-by-step help, then add photos and details, and select how you want to ship and get paid. The third sets of steps are monitor your listings in My eBay, then when you receive payment notification, ship promptly. Next they can print shipping labels right on eBay. Finally eBay would like them to leave feedback on how the process worked (, 2011). The advantages of this are that seller that follows the steps easily and set up everything right on the website, the seller can monitor the items that they are selling and makes and changes to price or description when needed, print the shipping labels and have the mailing boxes sent to their home. The disadvantages are that they are in direct competition for the sale of their items with others on the site and that they will have to track any taxes that they will have to pay. This is a good way for a small business person to get their business started because they will not have to go through the effort of setting up their own website at first.

To conclude, this is a very efficient way for a private party of small business to get their products view by prospective customers and it is all done form one site so they can monitor everything from one...