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Vacant land development

|Overview |Advantages |Disadvantages |Local Examples |

|With vacant land, anything’s possible (subject |Lots of design flexibility |Relatively higher costs of new-construction |CoHo Corvallis |

|to zoning and budget). Most co-housing |New construction is less likely to need repairs |On-site parking may be required depending on |Daybreak Cohousing (under development) |

|communities in the US have been built from |and more likely to be energy-efficient |zoning, distance to transit, and lender |Trillium Hollow |

|scratch, and this process provides for the |No displacement involved |requirements |Some of the units at Cascadia Commons were new |

|greatest degree of design input and freedom from|Ability to create a unit mix that matches a |The design/construction process can take a while|construction |

|prospective residents. |particular group of households | | |

Detached single family homes on adjoining lots

|Overview |Advantages |Disadvantages |Local Examples |

|A nice example of this model in Portland is the |Community can grow (or shrink) over time as |Since individual homes go on the market |OnGoing Community |

|OnGoing Community, a community near NE 18th and |neighboring homes go on the market and are |sporadically, it could take a...