Communication in Business

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Name: Mlindelwa Mahlangu

Subject: Communications

Course: RAA Entrepreneurial Program

The importance of communication in a business

A business exists because there is a group of people who have come together to work for the same cause and that group is translated into a team. No matter how good a team can be but without communication, they become a mere group of people whose common goal is unknown. Since a team works towards one specific goal, they therefore need to decide what that goal is, then come up with a strategy of how they are going to achieve that goal, then plan out their strategy and put processes in place and all that cannot happen without them conversing, exchanging information, expressing ideas and listening to each other.

This is the base from which communication becomes an important factor in any business.

A business has a vision and everyone working in that business works with that vision in mind, but for any vision to be followed it must be communicated. The people must be informed of the vision; they must be motivated to follow it and must be guided through it. All this happens because words are used, a message is conveyed and understanding is achieved.

The message must be tailored for the kind of personalities on shore. The message must be ensuring and it must be demonstrated for the people in order for understanding to prevail. Communication therefore becomes an integral part of the business.

In a business there are tasks or roles and for any person to be able to do their task excellently, they must be told what to do and sometimes how.

In a business there must be constant flow of information. Communication needs to be planned, developed and built and that is done so the flow can be clearer, without distortions and avoid miscommunications.

Any business that grows, it develops a way of doing things. There’s a way the people there talk to each other. There’s a way they grow to address jokes, social events, meetings, write information...