Week 1

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Week 1 Assignment Format:


1. Religion- Religion to me means the group or organizations one affiliates to or seems to have a connection with. I find this word to mean how we feel or think based on the beliefs and cultures our families have raised us to believe. In short, the word describes the acts a family or person may do to worship. The sort of environment a person may worship in I find closely related to this word. In my own thoughts, religion to me also incases the unseen being a person chooses to worship.

2. Spiritual-This term by far is the toughest to explain, it is the state of calm and understanding. I find that being spiritual is more so then not a feeling. Some people feel as though they have god in the presence. Some feel as though they can feel the earth. I also would describe this has a person who believes in something other than them self’s.

3. Faith- One must believe to have faith; to have faith is to believe. If a person truly has faith that faith is hardly broken or construed. Faith by the word would mean to trust that something other than one’s self is watching over them and protecting. This should have consideration that a person has no logical proof of what they believe but we still believe.

4. God- The creator and ruler, a person or group of supreme beings that is supernatural. A man or men, who are widely admired or often imitated, many refer to God as the All-knowing being. God, considered the father of Jesus Christ. Many will claim that only God will pass judgment on another man.

Effects of Religion:

1. Two positive effects of religion

1. The achievement of societies is directly connected to their spiritual point of view and the position of religious conviction in their rules and civilization. All through the past leaders have used the power of religious convictions to have power over their peoples and present the validation for their supremacy. A culture with a superior level of division between religious...