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1).Nature of Service Failure: - My service failure encounter was with RELAINCE NETCONNECT BROADBAND+ (product was extremely good but failure on the part of employees to respond to my service request).

2).When and where did the failure took place? I purchased the Reliance Netconnect modem 2 years back in Indore (M.P) and the failure took place when I was shifted to Bareilly (a district in U.P).

3).Why did it happen? It happened because the Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ works only in metropolitan cities because it delivers 3.1 mbps speed and so when I shifted to Bareilly (a non-metro city), it stopped working. So, I tried to contact the customer care executive to make my modem non-functioning so that the bills are not generated without any usage.

4).How satisfied you were with the service provider prior to the above service failure. Rate on a scale of 1-7 (1- Not satisfied; 7- Extremely satisfied):-

I was extremely satisfied with the service provider (i.e Reliance Communications) prior to the above mentioned service failure because the modem was working perfectly fine and with great speed of 3.1 Mpbs.

Rating-7 (extremely satisfied)

5).Rate the perceived criticality of failure on a scale of 1-7 (1 - Not critical and 7 - extremely critical)

Rating-7(extremely critical) as if it would have not been resolved I would have to pay monthly bills of 800-1000 rupees without any usage of my modem.

6).How did the service provider became aware of the mistake? (Did you point 

the mistake to him or he became aware of the failure on his own) :-

I pointed the mistake to the service provider by calling Customer Care Executive. I even wrote to

7).What did the service provider do to correct his mistake? 

* The service provider lodged my complain and gave me a complaint number.

* They advised me to get my Netconnet converted from Postpaid to Prepaid so that whenever I want to use it I can recharge and...